Matej Sloboda - Doctor ONE & Mistress PULSE


This album contains first six unnamed pieces from an open series of exploratory pieces. I've composed these from 2019 - 2021 with various intentions and needs in my mind. What you can expect, is a sonic sensation-oriented slowly progressing pieces, where you have enough time to dive deep into every small wave created by interactions of instruments and harmonic canvas - a concept of sustained, stable sound upon which other more complex processes are being produced.

Bonus items include:
16-page long booklet in English with texts by Ulrich Krieger and Matej Sloboda
Scores for all pieces on the album.
Released June 20, 2022


Recorded by: EnsembleSpectrum
Recording, editing, mixing, mastering: Majo Džubák 2022
Recorded in March 2022 in Clarissine Concert Hall and Smile4Urecords, Bratislava, Slovakia
Music director: Konstantin Ilievsky
Sleeve notes: Ulrich Krieger, Matej Sloboda
Translation: Ian Mikyska
Proofreading: Irena Lányiová
Graphic design: Alena Bindzárová
Cover design: Matej Sloboda
Booklet photos: Martina Levásovská

UBU Collection 2022 
Made in the EU • Product of Slovakia
Ⓟ UBU Collection 2022 / UBU #03

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded works reserved.
Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.

Supported from the public funds provided by the Slovak Arts Council as the main partner.
Supported by Bratislava city foundation (Nadácia mesta Bratislava), Slovenský ochranný zväz autorský + Sociálno-kultúrny fond SOZA. With financial support of Music fund Slovakia.