Musik Theater – Kagel/Schnebel/Arias/Cowell/Sloboda
Series of performative music for kids
1.3.2024 - 10:00 - Robotnícky dom, Banská Bystrica
4.3.2024 - 11:00 - Bašta - kultúrno-komunitné centrum, Bardejov
5.3.2024 - 17:00 - Súkromné konzervatórium, Prešov
6.3.2024 - 11:00 - Tatranská galéria, Poprad
13.3.2024 - 11:00 - A4 - priestor súčasnej kultúry, Bratislava

M. Kagel – Pas de cinq | H. Cowell – The Banshee | D. Schnebel – Museumsstücke I. – Bauernszene | H. Arias – A common sense of self | M. Sloboda – Maze Runners – Mazes and Ad-Ventures

Sounds of Diversity

18.3.2024 - 18:30 - City Campus Ostravské univerzity, Ostrava, CZ
19.3.2024 - 18:30 - Juliusza Ligonia 29, Katowice, PL
20.3.2024 - 17:00 - Nová synagóga, Žilina, SK 

Sounds of Diversity Ensemble is a collaboration project between musicians from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
Pieces by: M. Dvořáková | P. Šuško | M. Sloboda | P. Scheller | D. Skála
Scenography: Tomáš Volkmer
Conductors: M. Sloboda | D. Skála

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: https://www.facebook.com/ensemblespectrum 

* Slovak Premiere     **World Premiere


"Viva Musica! festival proved with this concert that it is possible to present works younger than 50 years. Thus, even the random participants had the opportunity to "lose themselves" in a transcendent hour of continuous sound."

Source: Hudobný život 09/23, Lucia Guničová


"...Over the ten years of its existence, it has increasingly focused on lesser-known or completely new compositions that place unusual technical and mental demands on the players. This time the orchestra has done a very good job with microtonality. It was evident that the musicians played with interest and understanding; mathematically perfect and harmonically pure harmonies rang out with intonational certainty. In terms of the choice of compositions and the quality of their performance, the concert far surpassed the format of an accompanying showcase of musical experiments with strange forms of tuning linked to a local academic conference, and if the festival attracts a wider audience in the future, it could become one of the major events of the Prague music scene. After the concert, several audience members confirmed to me that the selection of pieces and their performances satisfied both connoisseurs of microtonality and unprepared listeners encountering this area of music for the first time."

Source: HISVOICE, Milan Guštar