František Výrostko & BraCk Players - Doublebassement



An outstanding project of double bass magician František Výrostko and his string quartet the BraCk Players (Bratislava Contemporary Players). For his debut recording he commissioned three Slovak composers - Lucia Chuťková, Marian Lejava and Matej Sloboda who composed diverse and intense music for this excellent performer and added two US based composers. Pauline Kim Harris and hers Crushed Coal to Dust, metal-machine kind of powerful music and James Ilgenfritz whose Real and Unreal Irreversibilities are "investigating the common understanding of fluency and virtuosity as supposed indicator of one's embodiment of selfhood."

The audio tracks are also downloadable via a special card which is included in the package.

This recording was supported by public funds by Slovak Arts Council who is the main partner of the project.