EnsembleSpectrum – New Dawn Vol. 3 – (forced) Movement


The third generation of the project aimed at young composers, entitled New Dawn, is a reference for (forced) Movement in its most diverse forms. Five composers from Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, the UK and the USA have offered for Call for scores works of today's varied musical poetics, ranging from the delicate shimmering shadows of J. Layton, to the expressive trio of clarinet, cello and piano of B. Mišíková, to a contemplative view of the aesthetics of the early Baroque through the lens of today's O. Juzala-Deprati. The brilliant duo of violin and cello by K. Kay and the hazy texture of M. Modra's noises and bustles are united by the extensive use of flageolets and the constant presence of forces pulling the musical experience forward.
New Dawn Vol. 3 - (Forced) Movement is a diverse recording of five unique artistic personalities with EnsembleSpectrum.